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Hello, here are few of my projects

The rest of the projects can be found in my github repo, have some in private repo too

Hr Work
React and React hooks, Contentful CMS, CSS (SASS),

HR Work is an advisory firm with strong competence and experience in providing Human Resources Retainership Services to small or medium sized organisations.

Github Link
Svelte, CSS

AECM is a platform created to organise and channel the potentials of the African continent specifically in the entertainment sector for global accessibility

Github Link
Identity Stories
Wordpress, Elementor, CSS

Identity Stories, is a Non profit organisation which inspire lifes of Africans especially Nigerians by telling stories.

Dynamic Quiz App

This is quiz application built with vanilla JavaScript, the scores are stored on the LocalStorage

Github Link
Weather App
JS, CSS, HTML, Dark sky api

A random Weather application to say the Weather condition of the user at that point. still updating to make it a big better one

Github Link
React Portfolio
React, Material Design Lite (MDL), CSS

A Quick simple React Portfolio Layout with less Content

Github Link